Rehoming Conditions

  1. In rehoming a dog from KWK9 Rescue you accept and understand that you will take full responsibility for the animals welfare, including all future veterinary treatment costs unless by agreement made prior to adoption.
  2. You confirm that the dog you wish to rehome is for yourself and not for someone else. You must be over the age of 18 years (21 years for bull or other selected breeds) and a householder, in order to adopt a dog and can confirm that you comply with this requirement. You will have to show appropriate identification and a photo i.d. and where appropriate written permission from your local authority/housing association/landlord etc for keeping a dog(s). You accept that you may be asked for proof of age.
  3. You understand that the dogs held by KWK9 Rescue are either strays, unwanted or abandoned. Because of this KWK9 Rescue does not know the veterinary or behavioural history of a dog and cannot give any guarantee of its health or temperament. Where the dog has been given up by a previous owner we will give you any information told to us but we cannot guarantee that the information given will be accurate. Accordingly you agree to adopt the dog in its present condition. Please note: some insurance companies will refuse to pay out for a dog where there is no record of medical history. We advise that you check this before arranging insurance.
  4. You agree, if requested, to allow the dog and its living conditions to be inspected by a representative of KWK9 Rescue at a prearranged time.
  5. You undertake to obtain veterinary treatment for the dog both as a routine measure and in the case of injury or illness. It is also your responsibility to pay for any treatment/costs incurred by another animal as a result of unfriendly contact by the adopted dog.
  6. You agree to follow current advice and best practice depending on where you live and advice relevant to your dog regarding vaccination, worming and flea and tick prevention.
  7. You will not under any circumstances allow your adopted dog to be bred from, used for any form of experimental purpose or for any illegal sporting activity. You will not allow your dog to be used for any legal sporting activity unless it is properly trained to do so and the sporting activity is in addition to the main role as a family pet unless specifically agreed prior to adoption.
  8. If the dog has not been neutered whilst in the care of KWK9 Rescue you agree to arrange to have this procedure done as soon as your vet advises as part of your responsibility in adopting the dog. You agree to notify KWK9 Rescue when this has been done.
  9. You agree that you have thought through your decision to adopt a dog carefully and thoroughly prior to going ahead. You have sought and obtained agreement of everyone else living in the family home and commit to providing the dog with a good and loving home for life. We recognise that on very rare occasions some problem comes to light within a few days that it is not possible to resolve and the dog must be returned. In these circumstances KWK9 Rescue will do our best to take the dog back as soon as possible but this may not be immediately and you must agree to keep the dog safe until we are able to take it.
  10. You must not rehome the dog to any other person once you have adopted it without full discussion, agreement and involvement with KWK9 Rescue. Should your circumstances change and you are unable to keep your dog you agree to inform and involve KWK9 Rescue. If you return the dog to KWK9 Rescue after some time you are deemed responsible for ensuring that all vaccinations are up to date, the dog is wormed and flea/tick treated. If it is not possible to do this a fee may be charged to cover this treatment depending on circumstances.
  11. You understand that you are required by law to provide a disk showing your address and contact details displayed on your dogs collar. Dogs are microchipped prior to adoption and your name and address will be registered on a national computer database. In the event that you have a change of address or other relevant details you understand that you are required to contact the relevant database company to update your details. The database will be indicated on the microchip registration certificate you receive after adopting the dog. very occasionally it is not possible to microchip a dog prior to adoption. In this case you agree to get this done as soon as possible.
  12. You agree that under no circumstances will you use, or allow to be used, any form of control or training method that involves cruel or unnecessarily harsh devises such as electric shock collars, prong collars, invisible fencing etc.
  13. You will not intentionally keep your dog shut outside the house for prolonged periods of time without access to safe and secure shelter, warmth, food and water.