Code of ethics for Trustees, Executives and Members

KWK9 Operations

1. KWK9 owes a duty of responsibility to all dogs accepted into its care but also recognises that it owes a duty to fosterers, adopters and general members of the public to ensure their safety. It also recognises that it owes a duty to the dog population in general and that in some unfortunate circumstances this duty, or the duty to people may require a dog to euthanised.

2. KWK9 will not place a dog that is physically unsafe to humans in temperament or behavior. This includes dogs with diagnosed psychosis or that are known to be habitual fear biters. Each dog will be assessed on a case by case basis, and professional evaluation sought if necessary at the discretion of the Adoptions Officer.

3. KWK9 will not intentionally misrepresent a fostered or rescued dog’s age, temperament, breeding, or any other pertinent information or facts in order to facilitate placement of said dog.

4. KWK9 will not knowingly give or sell a dog of any age or breed into any harmful environment including but not limited to: any pet shop, catalogue house, laboratory, or any wholesale dealer in dogs, backyard breeder, or to any person who sells to pet shops, catalogue houses, laboratories, or wholesale dealers, dog fighting groups, puppy mills, nor will KWK9 in any way knowingly aid or abet the sale of any dog through any of the above.

5. KWK9 will never knowingly foster or re-home a dog in a home with a person who has been banned from keeping animals or convicted of cruelty to animals.




1. I will not represent myself as an officer or executive of KWK9 unless I have been appointed as such by the trustees.

2. I will use my best endeavors to avoid bringing KWK9 into disrepute.

3. If I become aware of a situation which may bring KWK9 into disrepute, or into conflict with any legal requirements I shall use my best endeavors to communicate the same to a member of the Executive Team.

4. I will act at all times, in so far as law allows, in accordance with KWK9’s stated aims and objectives.

5. I will perform activities to assist KWK9 as a non-profit endeavor. My activities will be voluntary, not performed to profit any organization or individual and neither receive nor expect personal compensation or large gifts for these activities.