17 Apr 2018

We were asked by Hamish’s owners to help him find a new home when a change of circumstances meant they could no longer keep him. We had floods of applications for this wee guy, if only all our dogs were as popular. Being so popular it didn’t take long for him to find his new home and has set off to enjoy his new family.

9 Apr 2018

We were asked to find little Coco a new home when her owners circumstances changed, we already had a home lined up for her so didn’t need to advertise her. She has quickly settled in with her new family.

29 Mar 2018

Lassie went to her new home and has settled into retirement life just fine! We wish her many happy years ahead of her 

26 Mar 2018

Jess is smaller than most Lurchers we get in but this wee girl doesn’t let that stop her. Jess went to stay in her foster home along with 5 other dogs and slotted into the ‘pack’ very well, so well in fact that she just had to stay to make sure everyone did as they were told. We had a feeling that when she went into this foster home that she wouldn’t leave but we couldn’t ask for a better home for her.

26 Mar 2018

Skye came to us when her owner could no longer keep her and was put into her foster home, she liked it so much that she decided to stay there. This clever girlie won us all over with her tricks but her cracking personality won over her now foster parents and she has settled in very well at her new forever home

26 Feb 2018

The lovely Frida was only in our care little over a week before her forever home whisked her away and she has even scored a four legged sibling!

She has settled into her new home perfectly already taking up the bigger share of the couch, we wish you many happy years ahead of you Frida!

13 Feb 2018

Max came in to us as a very timid boy but had a lot of love to give. After a short while in our care the perfect forever home came and swept him away where he has settled in perfectly, even stealing the cats bed!

29 Jan 2018


After a while waiting in her Foster Home we knew the perfect family would come along for this older lady. Once her new family met her they fell in love with her sweet face and loving personality straight away and whisked her away to her forever home.
We wish you many happy years ahead of you Roxy!

29 Jan 2018


Willow came into our care just a couple weeks before Christmas and needed surgery to her back leg. Her foster mum took her in to care for her while she recovered and Willow managed to win her over with her cheeky personality so has now been adopted and has now taken permanent residence on the couch along side her two hound brothers.


18 Jan 2018

Bran was intended to be a working sheepdog but his owner didn’t have time to train him so he came into our care. He has now gone off to his new home where he will have many happy years ahead of him living as a pet.

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