29 Jan 2018


Willow came into our care just a couple weeks before Christmas and needed surgery to her back leg. Her foster mum took her in to care for her while she recovered and Willow managed to win her over with her cheeky personality so has now been adopted and has now taken permanent residence on the couch along side her two hound brothers.


18 Jan 2018

Bran was intended to be a working sheepdog but his owner didn’t have time to train him so he came into our care. He has now gone off to his new home where he will have many happy years ahead of him living as a pet.

11 Jan 2018

Mowgli managed to win over his foster mum with his cheeky personalty and beautiful kind eyes.
His ‘foster’ home is now his forever home and has landed on all four paws.

8 Jan 2018

After quite a wait Dave started the journey to his new home in Surrey yesterday. He is such a gorgeous boy he stole the hearts of everyone he met while he was with us and we are confident that he will continue with his winning ways in his new home.

13 Dec 2017

Oscar took a while to find his home, mostly due to the Christmas holidays. He is there now though and has the distinction of being the first dog in 2018 to find his new home.