24 Oct 2017


One of our short stay visitors. Long enough to be spayed and for us to get to know her a bit then she went off to a lovely home. Good luck Mimi, have a great life from now on.
24 Oct 2017


Gerry has found his home remarkably quickly. If only they could all find homes so fast. Much missed already by his foster mum.
24 Oct 2017


We really only acted as an introduction agency for this handsome chap. He found his new home really fast and we hope he has a lovely life now.
24 Oct 2017


We were delighted to do a little match making and help zoe find her new home. She moved directly from her owners to her new home. wishing them the best of luck
24 Oct 2017


Sweyn went to his home very quickly and we never got to getting a good photo of him. He is a lovely collie and has gone to live with another ex kwk9 collie.
24 Oct 2017


Lovely Cyril was the first dog of 2017 to find his own forever home and has a former KWK9 big brother to show him the ropes
24 Oct 2017


Cleo went off to a lovely home with a lovely whippet friend and a little girl to play with. Have a great life Cleo.
24 Oct 2017


Little Toby arrived with us and quickly went to his foster home who potentially wanted to adopt. We are delighted it all worked out well and Toby quickly found his own forever family
24 Oct 2017


Queen had lots of people interested in her and went off to a new home very quickly.
24 Oct 2017


Handsome Dodie moved to his new home they had a lurcher sized space on the sofa which we are sure he will soon claim
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