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We have fantastic dogs coming to us all the time. All our dogs are lovely so you will definitely find a great dog with us, it’s just a small matter of matching you with the dogs we have needing permanent, loving homes. We only very occasionally have small dogs but you never know, it is always worth filling in a form, checking our pages frequently and even giving us a call to talk about the sort of dog you are looking for.

If you would like to adopt one of our existing dogs or put your name down for a certain type of dog which may need a home in the future, then please read our information page thoroughly and then complete all sections of the form below. Please note that we do not charge a set fee but we do ask for a donation to help us care for the dogs we take in.

Please note that we will always try to assist you in the event that you are in the future unable to keep your dog. However, there are circumstances in which our ability to help would be limited. We expect that if you take on a dog you will do everything to ensure that you are offering a home for life. 

Dog rehoming

If you already have a dog but for whatever reason you no longer feel able to keep him or her then please contact us. We are not always able to take a dog immediately but we will do our best to help if we can even if it is only to point you in the direction of alternative sources of help.

If you have no alternative but to rehome your dog we do suggest that you consider whether family or friends would like the dog or would offer a suitable home before handing over your dog. It may be better for you and the dog if this is an option. You must also ensure that a dog you are asking to rehome is in fact your property. You will be asked to confirm this. If a dog is rehomed and turns out not to be yours to rehome this will cause heartache for the dog and for the new family. We will require the microchip number so that we can check that the dog is registered to you.

Please give us as much information as possible about your dog so that we can find the most suitable foster/permanent home. You will find a link to our online form on the homepage. We need the following information: Your dogs name, age, how long you have had the dog, reason for rehoming. Any incidents of aggression and if this was towards children, adults, dogs, livestock, cats etc. Please describe incident. Is the dog vaccinated, when was the last vaccination, is the dog microchipped, is the dog spayed or neutered? Can the dog live with young children, older children, cats, poultry, small furries, other dogs? Does the dog travel well in the car, pull on the lead, come back when called? Is the dog defensive over food? Any injuries, illnesses, ongoing veterinary treatment? We will also need a good photo of your dog.

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